Soul Seeker derives from the idea of existentialism. The brand is deeply rooted in the belief that people should be searching to find out who and what they are throughout life and make choices based on their experiences, beliefs and outlook rather than following traditional paths outlined by society. The idea of deviating from societal norms and what is expected of us translates into our clothing, holistically creating bold looks for the youthful male who wishes to define his own path. Outspoken garments relating to youth, leadership and distorted dreams evoke the postmodern brand message in the form of statement prints and messages. 

Collection One showcases staple pieces such as denim, bomber jackets, and t-shirts with carefully constructed alternative twists on the original styles. Societal issues such as social media and its wider implicature are also reflected within the collection. Phones have made us so connected with the rest of the world that it allows us to become disconnected from actual reality. Topics such as social media and mental health are raised to outline the effects it is having on the generation of today.

The brand prides itself on British heritage; everything is currently made in London as sustainable labour and methods of production are an increasing concern in this age. Our ethical stance is translated through all elements, from the initial stages of production to wanting to create a community with our audience. The brand hopes to delve further into areas other than fashion in the foreseeable future.